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I mostly write and speak about digital services in the public sector. We're trying to make things a whole heap better for everyone. I work for the Local Government Shared Service where we spend our time building better services for people, things that people can actually use, removing the jargon and putting back in the 'human' — something I really care about.

I publish open source tools and try to contribute where I can to LocalGov Digital who do great things. If you work in local government, please go and check them out.

Share some stuff

There are about a thousand ways you can contact me (I kid you not, I counted) but here's just a few

  • Twitter interesting links and opinions
  • Skype me for a human conversation
  • Github has some of the things I've worked on
  • LinkedIn because we're all professionals
  • Instagram for photos of my cat.
  • Google+, it's like Facebook but Googlier

Got Skills?

I'm a designer and developer. I love building things but I believe that no matter what level of geek you are, you should have an appreciation for the broad contexts in which we work.

In recent years I've done as much experience and service design as I have coding; I genuinely believe the two go hand in hand. The best developers have not only great technical skills but a good understanding of people and the ability to communicate without an ounce of jargon or ego.

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Dan with his hands over his eyes

Hi, I’m Dan and I am a developer, designer, drummer and snowboarder based in Northampton, UK.