I'm not sure about this but I'm doing it anyway, here's a bit of a list of people that I'd like to recommend for a whole host of reasons, some are good friends, some are people I've met or admire but mostly, they're people I've had good experiences of, so here goes

  • Antony Killeen
  • Adam Onishi
  • Paul Adam Davis
  • Kat
  • Katherine Cory
  • Richard Wiggins
  • David
  • Andy Clarke
  • Amy Whitney
  • Kevin White
  • Rick Nunn
  • Spadge
  • Simon Collison
  • Geri Coady
  • Dan Rubin
  • Naomi Atkinson

Local Gov Folk

  • Phil Rumens
  • Ben Cheetham
  • Dale Shephard
  • Lorna Perry
  • Alison Hook
  • Glen Osko
  • Jason Williams
  • Marc Snaith
  • Gavin Beckett
  • Stuart Harrison
Dan with his hands over his eyes

Hi, I’m Dan and I am a developer, designer, drummer and snowboarder based in Northampton, UK.