Weeknotes #4

Week commencing 29th July 2019.

Focus for the week

This week I’m covering for our Head of service who’s taking a much deserved break. My focus is pretty much making sure nothing explodes. That said, nothing did explode so I was really focused on unblocking a few things. We got to the bottom of a VPN issue we’ve been having which meant that access to secure applications is now much easier thanks to our Ops teams for sorting that one.

The final focus for this week was making a start on our performance metrics and creating a public dashboard to make those visible. We now have some pretty clear metrics, researched from places like Accelerate that’ll hopefully allow us to demonstrate and balance the effects of changes we make…ideally for the better but y’know, we all screw up now and then.

We’re starting with

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Lead time
  3. Value created
  4. Service availability (uptime)
  5. Deployment frequency

These may change, but for now, they’ll be enough to see where we’re at and how we progress. I’m really conscious of creating measurements that incentivise ‘good’ behaviours, even if they’re gamed, the outcome should be better for our customers and their users.

What I’m thinking about

How we reduce the cost of releases – our current processes for releasing software are pretty simple and consistent but they’re often failing in daft areas. I spoke to a few friends at different companies to get some different views which was really helpful, we’re starting with writing different types of tests for software we build and automating those into our deployment processes. It’ll be incremental change but we should also see some marginal improvements as we go.

How to contiuously create more psychological safety and diversity – I re-read ‘Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Psychological Safety (and Felt Safe Enough to Ask)’ from NOBL this week and it got me thinking, in our team, we spend a lot of time building what we hope is a good experience for everyone in the team, space to be heard, space to be honest, time to reflect but we can always do more. Equally, we put out job adverts this week and I’m really keen for us to make sure we make a hugely conscious effort to have applications from diverse backgrounds. I’m also really aware that we’ve not necessarily made any particular effort towards this, need to do better.

I am pleased

I am worried

I learned