Weeknotes #5

Week commencing 5th August 2019.

Focus for the week

This is the week that was tough but so rewarding. We had review meetings for two of our apprentices, which went well. I had a great meeting with Alan too, we worked out some practical ways to help improve the way we do support and operations work and managed to get some work away from him so he has time to focus more on his role as a Lead Engineer.

I had a few delivery issues to sort this week, I’m acting Product Owner for our Blue Badge software which had a few bugs rear their ugly heads. Thankfully, nothing too dramatic (a fault with addresses and some weirdness with an API that the Department for Transport provide) and the team worked through them to keep users happy.

There are so many things about this week that were tough and sadly most of which I can’t share. What I can say is that I am immensely proud of the resilience, honesty and trust amongst the people around me day to day. The strength shown by many of the people in our team this week is something that I hope, in time, many more people see in much more positive circumstances.

What I’m thinking about

Being selfish in a good way – I need some time to reflect, I need to protect some time and keep some space for me next week. Can’t have another week like this one without time to think. I think I’ve balanced this week pretty well but there’s so much room for improvement and I want to make time for that.

I am pleased

I learned